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SIMMSTex Nonwovens pioneers in the Agriculture Market with decades of experience with Agriculture community. SIMMSTex has been very active in new developments in this area.

Plants and Agriculture produce are protected against weather changes, strong winds, hail and pests. Our strong point is achieving optimum UV and stronger fabric using 3-beam technology, which increases the strength of the fabric compared to the ones sold in the market.

  • Landscape fabric
  • Crop covers
  • Root control bags
  • Biodegradable plant pots
  • Plant protection
  • Frost Covers
  • Green house shading
  • Banana Covers
  • Extra Strength
  • Wide Width : 17 mtrs wide with Ultrasonic joints
  • Hydrophobic
  • UV Treatment
  • Excellent Strength on Fabric
  • Whiteness
  • 8gsm to 50gsm
  • Balance of Softness and strength
  • Multiple Colors
  • Dual Colour Nonwovens

Green House Shading

Non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmental protection materials with moisture-proof, air breathable, temperature insulation, shading, cooling, anti-aging, flexible, lightweight, anti-flamable, easy decomposition, non-toxic without irritation, rich color, recyclable etc. It is widely used in many agricultural applications.

a. Crop Cover

Crop cover fabrics help to extend the growing season resulting in higher yield crops. They are particularly essential in climatic conditions that do not favour successful continuous crop development. They create a microclimate by keeping soil temperatures higher than environment temperature, thus helping plants to grow faster.

Nonwoven fabrics, 100% polypropylene, UV resistant, specially designed for crop protection.

IN17 (17gsm)

IN19 (19gsm)

IN21 (21gsm)

IN30 (30gsm)

b. Banana Non Woven Fabric Protection Bags

Fruit covering will give a quicker and better growing and increase the harvest. Protecting the vegetables, strawberries and plants against frost, snow, rain, heat or damaged caused by creeps, pests and birds. Will increase the growing temperature and extend the growing season.

*Protect vegetables, strawberries, plants
*Earlier and increased harvest
*Protect against frost, snow, rain, heat, creeps, pest, birds
*Increase the growing temperature and extend the season
*Quicker and increased growing and enlarge the harvest
*Easy to install

c. Plant Bag

protection bags are highly regarded by farmers across the world for their excellent quality and versatility. They are specially manufactured using spun-bonded fabrics which are anti-UV treated that provide targeted protection from insects, animals, UV rays and frost. The special material has micropores, which give the bags enough ventilation to create a microclimate favorable for the growth of the fruit. Made of 100% polypropylene, our fruit protection bags guarantee quality yield by allowing the fruit to ripen unharmed, naturally.

Mulch Fabrics

Mulch fabrics having high Water, Light and Air permeability to help the long term plants to grow fastly. It will control weeds and keep the plant, farms and gardens neat and clean. Water and air permeability control the soil temperature and Quality. It helps to reduce the maintenance times.

We produce Mulch in –
• Different GSMs from 80-130 according to clients demands.
• Black, White, Brown & Black colors based on your farm designs.
• 600 KLY treated Fabrics.
• Water permeability Fabrics.

Using Mulch –
• Inside Greenhouses
• Strawberry Farms
• Gardens , Parks
• Flower farms , Normal farms as well