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Food and Beverage

Based on our customers demand nonwoven products that offer comfort and strength,
and can be engineered to deliver added benefits such as protection and stability to sterilization.

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Why we use nonwovens in food and beverage?

Nonwovens are used for a variety of food contact solution. In many cases through the absorption of the excess of liquid  it allows a significant improvement of product shelf-life of many perishable products and provides optimised presentation to customers.

Tea & Coffee Bags

The most commonly used packaging material for creative tea bags is non-woven fabric, which is moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non-flammable, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, rich in color, low in price, and recyclable. Ideal for making tea bags. It does not release toxic and harmful substances under the brewing of hot water at 100 degrees Celsius. It is safe, environmentally friendly and degradable, and there is no problem that the waste is difficult to handle. When making tea, you can see the process of slowly stretching the tea in the water through the non-woven fabric, and improve the fun and enjoyment of the tea bag.


scavenger comprises an oxygen absorbent composition and an oxygen permeable film covering the oxygen absorbent composition and including an asymmetric porous membrane whose outer surface portion in the thickness direction of the asymmetric porous membrane is formed as a dense skin layer.

Since the dense skin layer is very thin, the oxygen permeability to the oxygen absorbent composition through the oxygen permeable film can be maintained sufficiently high. At the same time, since the dense skin layer has a sufficiently high barrier property as well as a high oxygen permeability, contact of the substances stored in a container with the oxygen absorbent composition can be surely prevented.

Absorbent pads

The NONWOVEN have high Absorbency because they contain immobilized super ABSORBENT polymer particles. This high absorbency property of the NONWOVENS is used to manufacture many products like baby diaper, medical purpose, geotextiles, vacuumed bags etc. This product shows property like washability, absorbency, softness, filter etc. The method of manufacturing NONWOVEN is divided into several stages like web formation, web bonding etc.